Shansco integrated the sustainability notion into its organisational and management systems. We have embarked in this journey considering its impact on the environment.

We promote productive, cost saving methods and technologies in our business activities. With continuous improvement in the process, we ensure efficient energy consumption and raw material use assuring the minimization of waste and emissions.

We take utmost care in protecting the environment by adapting the following practices :

  • With sustainable and recyclable packaging becoming an increasingly important topic in the market for flexible packaging for both brand owners and end users wherein the plastics and packaging industries are aggressively looking for ways to ultimately move to “SAME FAMILY” structures to facilitate recycling.
  • The all-PE laminate solution is a part of sustainable flexible packaging solutions and plastic waste management. It allows for more effective recycling and reuse of flexible packaging material.
  • Lowest emissions of solvents into the atmosphere compared to all other technologies followed in printing & packaging industries.
  • Using gas based heating, thus reducing emission of carbon into the environment.
  • Air Handling Unit, installed to maintain temperature and humidity within the plant.
  • Most conducive atmosphere for the employees to work in.
  • Natural lighting used to the extent possible.
  • Rain harvesting system for reuse and groundwater recharge.
  • Greenery around the building by growing more trees.
  • Watering the plants by the treated water from Sewage water treatment plant (STP)